Location and venue

The workshop will be held at the Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge.

The city of Cambridge is one of the most important and beautiful in the UK, famous throughout the world for its university and colleges. Its academic excellence and range of business, commercial and scientific interests are reflected in the wide variety of visitors and the number of events and meetings that take place here every year.

The University of Cambridge comprises numerous tourist attractions, including the 31 Colleges: Trinity College (Newton’s own college, houses the Wren Library with numerous scientific manuscripts including Newton’s Principia), the Old Cavendish Laboratory where Crick and Watson discovered DNA, the Parker Library at Corpus Christi College, containing the Canterbury Gospels and the Bury Bible, King’s and St John’s Colleges which have beautiful chapels and world-famous choirs which sing daily at public services.

The city has attractive architecture, both ancient and modern. It also has huge cultural appeal, a wide variety of arts and entertainment and superb shopping facilities. Some of the city’s main attractions are related to the well-known colleges of the University of Cambridge, including the libraries, churches and the famous college gardens, such as King’s College and St John’s College. And no visit to Cambridge would be complete without experiencing punting on the River Cam.

The University
The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 and is formed from a variety of institutions which include 31 colleges and over 100 academic departments. The University is a collegiate system where the central university is responsible for teaching and the colleges deliver some teaching but are primarily residential communities. Information on how the University works can be found here. A University Visitor Guide is available to download here.

Things to do and see
Many people visit Cambridge each year to see the historic university, its buildings and the beautiful Backs. Walking tours around the city centre are available daily. King’s College Chapel is probably the most famous building in Cambridge, with its fan vaulted ceiling, stone carvings and stained glass. There is a market in the city centre which is open every day, as well as a range of shops including small independent and larger high street stores and designer labels.

Travel information
Cambridge is within easy reach of London Heathrow and Stansted airports, with good motorway, rail and bus connections to other parts of the UK. London Stansted is the nearest airport, with a direct rail link to Cambridge, as well as easy access by coach and car. You can find more information by visiting Visit Cambridge.

Travel information to the Institute for Manufacturing is available here.

Tourist Guides
There are daily official guided walking tours of Cambridge – the Visit Cambridge website has more information. A walking tour will bring the city to life for you, explain the history and be able to answer questions you may have along the way.